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  • LUXURIOUS ULTRA SOFT & CUSHIONED ORGANIC TENCEL®: Our pad is made of natural eucalyptus fiber, that is Jacquard, Quilted & Waterproof to provide utmost comfort and smoothness for your little one. Your baby & therefore you will love it.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & SAFE: Tencel® is a natural fiber & Eco friendly our mattress pads are also free of any toxins as PVC, vinyl, Phthalate or BPA.
  • BREATHABLE: Your little one will experience a cool & dry sleep. Our Tencel® & waterproof membrane combination will wick liquid away from your baby while protecting your mattress & ensuring air circulation for a sweat free sleep.
  • QUIT & SOFT: Special soft noiseless membrane that Protects against leaky bottles, diapers, saliva & spit-ups.
  • BARRIER & PROTECTION: Prevents dust mites, bacteria, mold, liquid & stains from passing through.



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